The RoboRangers and FRC Team 624 CRyptonites

The RoboRangers had the amazing opportunity to attend one of CRyptonites build meetings. Armed with curiosity and safety glasses, the RoboRangers learned all about the process from build to final product and Elizabeth showed them all the heavy machinery used to create their robot. They were just beginning to build their final robot but the RoboRangers got to see the prototype in action. The kids loved having basketballs shot at them! Thanks again to the CRyptonites for inviting the RoboRangers to hang out with you. Best of luck at the Bayou Regional. We hope to see Panzer in action at the Lone Star Regional!!!


FLL Global Innovation Award

The RoboRangers have submitted their project idea The “COOLER” Cooler for consideration of this year’s Global Innovation Award.  Voting is now open and continues until March 2, 2012.  Follow the link to our team’s submission.

Thank you for your continued support of the RoboRangers.  We’d love your vote!