The “Psycho Geek”

Here are some pictures of the this year’s robot, the “Psycho Geek”. One “robot” is the geek and solves most of the missions and the separate robot attachment is PSYCHO! It can clear the obstacle path in under 5 seconds!





The RoboRangers Need Your Support!

The team asks for your help of sponsorship to defray the expenses associated with attending the 2013 FIRST LEGO League North American Championship Tournament.  Any size donation will be greatly appreciated.  There are several ways you can contribute.

  • If you would like your donation to be tax-deductible, ICON, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, has generously agreed to accept donations on the RoboRangers behalf.  ICON’s mission is to be an organization of women devoted to establishing positive awareness and proactive involvement within our community and globally, while developing a socially-conscience sisterhood among women.

Please make checks payable to ICON and write “RoboRangers” in the memo line.
Donations can be mailed to:

The RoboRangers
c/o Susan Lynch
2010 Linden Cove Court
Katy, TX 77494

  • If you do not require a tax-deductible contribution, you can make your donation online through PAYPAL.  A PAYPAL account is not required.  

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If you are a business or organization, we will place your logo and website link on our supporters page. 



The RoboRangers recently competed at the 2012-2013 FIRST LEGO League South Texas Regional Tournament, which brought together the top 62 teams from around the region.  At the event, the RoboRangers were honored to be 1 of only 4 teams selected to give their project presentation to everyone in attendance, roughly 2,000 people!  The team was also awarded 2nd Place for Project Presentation.  Their overall high performance throughout the season earned them an invitation to the 2013  FIRST LEGO League North American Open Tournament of Champions at LEGOLAND!

The 2013 FLL North American Open Championship Tournament is one of four FLL international tournaments and is a celebration of the current Senior Solutions season.  Only 72 FLL teams from the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico are invited to attend this event, held at LEGOLAND in Carlsbad, California in May.  The RoboRangers are honored to be among the few teams, out of over 21,000 worldwide, that have been awarded a coveted spot at this tournament.

This experience is going to require resources, dedication, and planning.  Each team attending must pay for its own travel and team support expenses.  The RoboRangers have set a fundraising goal of $22,000.  This will cover the registration fees, food, lodging, and travel expenses for each team member and one parent, as well as team identity and display materials to highlight their team, sponsors, and South Texas.

The RoboRangers would greatly appreciate your support!

The RoboRangers and FRC Team 624 CRyptonites

The RoboRangers had the amazing opportunity to attend one of CRyptonites build meetings. Armed with curiosity and safety glasses, the RoboRangers learned all about the process from build to final product and Elizabeth showed them all the heavy machinery used to create their robot. They were just beginning to build their final robot but the RoboRangers got to see the prototype in action. The kids loved having basketballs shot at them! Thanks again to the CRyptonites for inviting the RoboRangers to hang out with you. Best of luck at the Bayou Regional. We hope to see Panzer in action at the Lone Star Regional!!!

The RoboRangers and the HDHHS

The RoboRangers had the opportunity to present back to their mentors at the Houston Department of Health and Human Services – Bureau of Consumer Health.  We brought the competition table and their robot so that they could show Carolyn, Larry, and the other sanitarians how the Food Factor field missions incorporate all the topics of food safety that they have discussed with them.  They went through each robot mission and how it relates to a real world problem.  They also showed them some of their programming and talked to them about the mechanical design of their robot.  They gave their project demonstration and shared their research, much of which incorporated the information gained from their mock inspection of Memorial Hermann hospitals kitchens and the presentation given to the team by Carolyn over the summer.  The team also presented plaques and custom Lego mini-figures to them as a thank you for their continued support of the RoboRangers.

CP, Carolyn, Bob, and Larry in Lego form

Engraved names on back

Duncan, one of the “Brick Breakers”, a Jr. FLL team consisting of 2 siblings of the RoboRangers (future RoboRangers?) and 2 other friends, was also able to present his teams’ SNACK ATTACK Lego model and poster.

Thanks again to all the folks at the Bureau of Consumer Health. Here are some highlights of their day.

Going over some of the field missions

Ray explaining to the Director the Pest Removal mission

Aidan and Alex explaining some of their programming and how the sensors on their robot work

The team talking about their research findings