Crunch Time!

The RoboRangers are coming down to the wire.  The qualifiers are this Saturday!  The team has just 2 more meetings to prepare.  Yesterday, the team worked on performing their skit.  It’s quite entertaining.  Tomorrow the research/project team will be working hard on the team’s poster and making checklists of everything they need to bring with them to the competition.  The robot mechanics and programmers still have quite a bit of work ahead of them.  They were having repeatability issues so, as a team, they have completely changed their objectives.  It’s a difficult task to change strategies this late in the game, but they are working as hard as they can.  And that is all they can do.  They are having a good time doing it, and in the end, that is all that matters! 

Thank you to the Concepcions for the gigantic pizza that barely fit through the front door!


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